Paris Photo Booth D23
Edward Burtynsky Desert Spirals #4, Verneukpan, Northern Cape, South Africa, 2018

Paris Photo
Booth D23



Flowers Gallery is pleased to return for the 25th edition of Paris Photo, with works by Edward Burtynsky, Elger Esser, Gabby Laurent, Simon Roberts, Esther Teichmann and Lorenzo Vitturi

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Gabby Laurent

From Gabby Laurent's ongoing series of sculptural works Masks, these works show the artist dressed in suits made of carpet, tights and upholstery stuffing, with only her eyes showing. Created after becoming a mother, they contain ideas of domesticity in the materials used but with the duality of protection and aggression in the form and pose.

Lorenzo Vitturi

The starting point of Italian artist Lorenzo Vitturi's series Caminantes (2017-) was the artist’s mixed heritage. In the 1960s, his father crossed the Atlantic Ocean to open a Murano glass factory in Peru, where he met Vitturi’s mother. This collection of images and sculptures comprise of objects and materials that the artist selected during his travels between the two countries, including Murano glass, Peruvian textiles, earth and landscape substances and shipping materials. Combined into sculptures and arrangements, which sometimes incorporate his own body, these elements embody a symbolism that speaks of both personal stories and local cultures.

Edward Burtynsky

Burtynsky’s works chronicle the major themes of terraforming, extraction, agriculture and urbanization, developing a long-standing preoccupation with the unsettling reality of the human imprint on the planet. In his African Studies series, Burtynsky reflects on landscapes undergoing rapid industrial and manufacturing expansion. Focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa, his images present environments shaped by processes of resource extraction.

Elger Esser

Elger Esser’s works are concerned with the historical relationship between painting and photography, creating lyrical and often introspective images, in which the landscape and memory is combined. Having studied in Düsseldorf under the tutorship of Bernd Becher in the 1990s, Esser forged a singular and distinctive approach to contemporary photography, with a strong emphasis on narrative and craftsmanship.

Esther Teichmann

Ithaca was created in the summer when Esther Teichmann found herself alone with her parents and infant daughter back in her childhood home in the Rhine Valley next to the Black Forest for longer than she had ever been able to return since leaving over twenty years ago. As borders shut and the world closed down, the artist dove into the past, pulling out old boats and tents from her parents’ barn and cellar, the same structures she had dreamt in as a child. The garden and courtyard were transformed into studio and stage set, drop cloths dyed purples and blues in vats that collect rain water, sleeping bags turned inside out to create watery, draped folds, in which a tiny kayak-turned-sailboat drifts off, returning home.

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