Image: Edward Burtynsky: No Small Terror
External Exhibition

Edward Burtynsky: No Small Terror reopens at Museum London

Museum London, Ontario, Canada.
22 July - 10 October 2021

No Small Terror features a selection of photographs Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky gifted to Museum London in 2019. These trace his career from the early 1980s to 2017. The artist’s dramatic, often abstracted, images record ecological changes wrought by humans across the globe. This exhibition tackles themes including the industrial modification of our inhabited landscapes, the devastation caused by environmental exploitation, and the advent of the 'Anthropocene' - a geological term for the Earth’s industrial epoch. Burtynsky bears witness to these harsh realities through photographic compositions that, ironically, brim with an almost painterly beauty.

Artistic expression can inspire learning and change. Through his vivid panoramic views, Burtynsky surveys the relentless, global and self-inflicted damage to the planet. What remains is to act now. As the artist notes, “The greatest existential threat is thinking that the next generation will fix the problem.”

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