Image: FOTO FIX: Nadav Kander

FOTO FIX: Nadav Kander

"Here at Eclectix we love photographers that treat their skills as real creative artists - not just capturing an image - but doing so in a way that is painterly and original. When we stumbled upon the fantastic image (above) of Florence Welch by Nadav Kandar we couldn't take our eyes off it. So serene and achingly immortal - she projects the aura of a modern day saint with the tactile lusciousness of 1940′s cinematic color. Florence is a musician from Florence And The Machine.

Impressed by the breadth and quality of photography on Nadav's website, we chose a handful to share. Some of his images are famous celebrity portraits, some are editorial and landscape-based and some are surreal studio shots. All are composed with a unique and different light, a moody sparseness, a fine tuned eye and a gorgeous final outcome. His work forms part of the public collection at the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

There is such a wealth of goodness on Kander's site that we had a very difficult time deciding which masterpieces to post here. One incredible series after another, on many different and eclectic subjects. You can feel his compassion for the human condition in all his work, whether it is photos of the Yangtze River, naked prostitutes in shoes or his series titled Bodies: 6 Women, 1 Man, (Four works of which are featured below.) Coated in white marble dust and set against the black void of the studio, each human pose is breathtaking in every way.

Below is a statement from Nadav about his Bodies series: 

Revealed yet concealed.  Shameless yet shameful.  Ease with unease. Beauty and destruction.  These paradoxes are displayed in all my work; an enquiry into what it feels like to be human.  

These naked pictures are the latest, and perhaps strongest, distillation of the themes that continue to fascinate and nourish me. My subject matters are varied, but the essence is the same.  Whether photographing on the banks of the Yangtze, or in my studio, I work with the human conditions that link us all; the vulnerability of mankind.  What it is to be alone in the world.  What it is to be human.

Popular imagery airbrushes the shadow from our lives, but of course there is no health without illness, no life without death, and no beauty without imperfection. Wherever I may be, my pictures seek to expose the shadow and vulnerability that exists in all of us, and it is this vulnerability that I find so beautiful. 

You may see these works (in London) at Flowers Gallery, currently on exhibition through Feb. 9th, 2013."


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