Image: Bernard Cohen 80th Birthday Exhibition featured on Frame

Bernard Cohen 80th Birthday Exhibition featured on Frame

"The works on display are proof of how Cohen, who once described himself as "a storyteller and a creator of pictorial theatre", has firmly held his own within the canon of contemporary art. Appointed Professor and Director of the Slade School of Fine Art in 1988, Cohen continues to receive international renown for his contribution to contemporary painting since the 1960s. Unpredictably complex colour fields are part of Cohen's signature style, although his body of work has undergone many extraordinary and influential developments over the decades.

Cohen has chosen to exhibit alongside Robyn Denny, Richard Smith, Harold Cohen and Anthony Caro at the Venice Biennale in 1966. The 60s marked a major cornerstone in Cohen's oeuvre and practice, as he began to work on a larger scale and focused on the primacy of light rather than incorporating his trademark colour fields into his paintings. Ten works from this period will be included at the exhibition. Cohen's paintings onwards on the 90s are particularly fascinating as they expand on a plethora of working processes and cement his position as a giant of British art.

The exhibition will run at Flowers Gallery from 22 May to 22 June."

Amandas Ong

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