Image: Michael Wolf 'Real Toy Story' series on display at K11 Art Space

Michael Wolf 'Real Toy Story' series on display at K11 Art Space

We are delighted that the engaging and at times unnerving series 'Real Toy Story' by German photographer and Flowers Gallery artist Michael Wolf is now on display at the K11 Art Space in Shanghai. The collection explores the mass production and consumption of Hong Kong's toy making factories, revealing how objects which children the world over grow to love and cherish begin their lives as one of thousands of identical plastic parts. The photographs are surrounded by used and abandoned toys gathered from American flea markets, creating a thought-provoking juxtaposition between new and abandoned objects.

The show continues in Shanghai until February 10th and coincides with the artist's current solo exhibition at Flowers Cork Street. 'Architecture of Density' examines the architecture of the city of Hong Kong with special focus upon the repetition of pattern and form. View the collection until 22nd February, 2014 or click here for more information.

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