Image: Bernard Cohen
External Exhibition

Bernard Cohen featured in Patternicity

ASC Gallery, London & Phoenix Gallery, Exeter
26 March - 6 June 2022

ASC Gallery: 26 March - 23 April 2022
Phoenix Gallery: 30 April 30 - 6 June 2020

is an exhibition of painting, textiles and sculpture by a diverse group of contemporary artists whose works explore the nature of patterns. Depending on context patterns are categorised as decoration, as models and guides, as reliable and repetitive samples and traits, or as established modes of behaviour and beliefs. The title Patternicity refers to Michael Shermer’s observation of a tendency to perceive and seek for patterns in meaningless noise due to the way the human brain is wired. The artists in Patternicity break existing systems in order to establish new patterns. They are using pattern recognition techniques to disrupt familiarity and expand cultural space.

Bernard Cohen's 2021 painting Portrait of a Painting will be on view alongside Karl Bielik, Anna Brass, Ian Dawson, Clare Dudeney. Stephen Farthing, Sheila Hicks, Edward and the pigs, David Mabb, Livia Marin, Alicia Paz, Isabel Richert, Koen Taselaar, Diana Taylor, Adia Wahid and Toby Ziegler.

Curated by Christina Niederberger and John Walter.


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