Image: Peter Howson's Croatian and Muslim

Peter Howson's Croatian and Muslim featured in Mary Beard's Forbidden Art on BBC Two

Peter Howson's Croatian and Muslim (1994) features in the first episode of Mary Beard's Forbidden Art. The series unpacks the complex subject of art and ideology, considering a range of very different works that have challenged the political and social status quo, expressing opinions and attitudes that many have wanted to silence - and even erase. 

Croatian and Muslim is arguably the most controversial flashpoint of Howson's appointment as the official artist of the Bosnian war. "I’m not aiming to be controversial. But I wanted to cut out all the reportage. It’s not my job to do that. My job is to do the things you don’t see, that the army doesn’t even get to see, not to be an illustrator, not to tell stories, but to produce strong images of things... I suppose I think I have the right because I was there and because as an artist I can do anything." - Quote from Peter Howson: BOSNIA, (, Imperial War Museum, 1994, p.14)

Click here to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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