Image: Mona Kuhn Kings Road

Mona Kuhn Kings Road featured in AnOther Magazine

After moving to Los Angeles in 2005, photographer Mona Kuhn noticed something rather unusual on her visits to the Schindler House in West Hollywood. “It always felt very personal and familiar to me. It was a house my grandparents could have lived in and I felt at home in a weird way,” Kuhn tells AnOther. The modernist house was built by Austrian architect Rudolph M. Schindler in 1922, and quickly became a hub for leading artists and intellectuals of the times.

After receiving an invitation to photograph at Schindler House, Kuhn began feeling her way through the space, spending some five years exploring the mysterious pull she felt. Kuhn stumbled upon a clue while delving into Schindler’s private archives at the Department of History of Art and Architecture at UC Santa Barbara. There, amid a sea of blueprints, letters, and lecture notes, she discovered two letters written to an unnamed woman that marked the end of a love affair.

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