Hong Kong

Wu Sibo

25 January - 16 March 2024


Shifting between urban and rural environments, Wu Sibo (b 1976, China) has witnessed two decades of economic and social transformation in southern China. Inspired by the sentiment and history in his hometown, Wu continuously narrates the mundane routine of daily life through atmospheric paintings devoid of colour. Clouds, smoke, water and fire, in ritualistic practice combined with ambiguous figures immersed by a nocturnal setting, allude to a lasting sensibility and contemplation of a changing habitat.

Wu explains, “Our daily life consists of small scenes and ordinary people. But the changes in our era are reflected through these small things. By observing the transformation around me, I paint.”

In his gray-tone paintings, the mood of idleness, detachment and carefree lingers. Normal people and mundane scenes in the countryside are the common subject matters in his work. From the perspective of an outsider, Wu presents the social landscape of southern China in a monochromatic and silent way.

Wu Sibo was born in Maoming, southern Guangdong Province, living and working in Guangzhou since 1994. Wu graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. Wu's work has been exhibited at Times Museum, Guangzhou, China (2021) and Times Art Center, Berlin (2020), and is held in private collections globally including The Burger Collection, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

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