Glenys Barton Dancers and Angels
Toni Angel Heads 2006
London, Cork Street

Glenys Barton
Dancers and Angels

4 - 28 February 2009


The current body of work reflects a long-standing interest in both 'dance' and 'angels', and in particular the winged nature of the latter. Trained in contemporary dance in the early 60s, it has always informed her work, but it was not until a major commission for Hextable Dance in 2004 reintroduced her to the aesthetic that Barton began to explore this means of expression in more depth. The marriage in theme to 'angels' then became inevitable:

'I started to notice them more and more: stone carvings and stained-glass windows in churches, religious paintings from the earliest times. Everywhere I looked I seemed to see Angels. How interesting the forms were: the shape of the wings, how the wings were used in the composition of the piece, around the form. How the wings could be used to support the rest of the form.'

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