Collecting Prints by John Keane

Prints by John Keane



Artist John Keane has received national and international acclaim for his focus on the human and political struggles of life in the late 20th through to the 21st century. The selection of prints in this collection highlights a decade in which Keane explored conflicts in Northern Ireland and the Gulf, and society's increasing consumerism, media manipulation and religious intolerance.  

Prices shown exclude VAT, shipping and framing.

John Keane Black White and Orange, 1990
£ 500.00
John Keane, Black White and Orange, 1990
£ 500
John Keane Todos Somos Marcos (1), 1995
£ 500.00
John Keane, Todos Somos Marcos (1), 1995
£ 500
John Keane Praise the Mouse, 1999
£ 350.00
John Keane, Praise the Mouse, 1999
£ 350
John Keane What are you looking at?, 2001
£ 600.00
John Keane, What are you looking at?, 2001
£ 600
John Keane Book, 1994
£ 1,000.00
John Keane, Book, 1994
£ 1,000
John Keane Small World, 1994
£ 800.00
John Keane, Small World, 1994
£ 800

These prints can be purchased together. For further information about the set, purchasing them individually or for framing quotes, please click below.

£ 2700.00

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