Image: Fuzz Fuzz
External Exhibition

Fuzz Fuzz Featuring Shen Wei

UP Gallery
22 June - 21 September 2019

Shen Wei is included in group exhibition Fuzz Fuzz alongside Liang Yue and Wang Hsiang Lin. 

Scopophilia, the pleasure of looking is one of the delights provided by the cinema. The darkness in the space “isolates the spectators from one another”, while simultaneously draws attention to the voyeuristic separation.1 As viewers the fascination of looking is amplified, hence this summer UP Gallery, Taiwan, transforms itself into a dark-lit cinematic space to present the works by three artists. 

“Fuzz” could imply stray hairs, light fibers, unclear sensory or even a distorted buzz. Fragile and insignificant things still hold presence in a form of texture or a beat of a sound. In contact with these forms a twitch of emotion may spark although often undetected and overlooked. It sends a subtle feeling or perhaps a message through the human senses. Daily interactions between individuals are elusive, banal and at times isolated. They are difficult to quantify or record but specific moments appear delicately beautiful and dreamlike.These artists focus on this “Fuzz” and capture that moment though their artistic practices.

In Shen Wei’s Between Blossom a sense of elusive seduction circulates his images and the cycle of life and death of blossoms expresses the mysterious power of life.

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