Image: Artist of the Day 2018 - Alexandra Gribaudi & Theodore Plytas selected by Rana Begum

Artist of the Day 2018 - Alexandra Gribaudi & Theodore Plytas selected by Rana Begum

5 July, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce the 24th edition of Artist of the Day, a vital West End exhibition programme selected by leading contemporary artists since 1983. The fast-paced, revolving two week exhibition schedule provides a platform for a selected group of artists, each presenting a one day solo exhibition at Flowers Gallery’s Mayfair location, with a programme of events taking place each day.

DAY TEN: Alexandra Gribaudi & Theodore Plytas selected by Rana Begum . A one day exhibition will be held from 11am - 7pm at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London.

Refreshments will be served in the gallery 12-2pm. Please contact to confirm your attendance.

We are an artistic partnership working in London. Our visual language develops through trial, error, accident and risk. Photography and sculpture provide the dynamics of our practice, the foundations of our experimentation. Born out of the time and effort that process requires, the work articulates the dialogue between surface and space. Whether it is a print, an outside intervention or a large scale installation, it is about seeing intuitions through in an attempt to grasp and maximise the impact of this tension.

- Alexandra Gribaudi and Theodore Plytas

I have recently discovered the work of collaborative duo Alex Gribaudi and Theodore Plytas who’s work I found refreshing and original. What I also love is their drive and passion for exploring materials and pushing the dynamics between sculpture, drawing, performance and photography.  They are also not afraid to experiment and push the material and ideas that explore time, relationship between surface and form and their surrounding.  I am delighted to be putting forward the young duo Gribaudi Plytas and can’t wait to see how they will respond to the space!

- Rana Begum



21 Cork Street
London W1S 3LZ
T: +44 (0)20 7439 7766

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