Image: Artist of the Day 2018 - Meg Buick selected by Marcus Cornish

Artist of the Day 2018 - Meg Buick selected by Marcus Cornish

6 July, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce the 24th edition of Artist of the Day, a vital West End exhibition programme selected by leading contemporary artists since 1983. The fast-paced, revolving two week exhibition schedule provides a platform for a selected group of artists, each presenting a one day solo exhibition at Flowers Gallery’s Mayfair location, with a programme of events taking place each day.

DAY ELEVEN: Meg Buick selected by Marcus Cornish. A one day exhibition will be held from 11am - 7pm at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London.

Refreshments will be served in the gallery 12-2pm. Please contact to confirm your attendance.


My images emerge through on on-going conversation between drawing, painting and printmaking. My works are a way of exploring the archetypal and symbolic associations drawn from our very ancient relationship with animals and the natural world. I am fascinated by the power of imagery to evoke a deep sense of emotion and connection with the ancient, mysterious, or eternal.

- Meg Buick


Megs art seems raw, haunted, simple, timeless and has a tactile physical handling that I find appealing as a sculptor of clay. Her creatures, of what ever sort, seem 'caught up' and define themselves by sensation rather than just observed anatomy. They are often isolated and in a moment of abstraction or reflection or between anticipation and the fulfillment of an action. They are at a theatrical point where latent dramatic potential could come to something. 

When I first met Meg it was as a tutor at The Royal Drawing School reflecting on objects at the British Museum. She seemed to look into and beyond the objects she drew, aspiring, as it seemed to me, to discover the simple logic or magic that was the life that inspired their making.

Meg it seems has the perspective of a puppeteer, seeking the mood, motivation, personality, or essence that animates simple blocks of wood suspended in space.

- Marcus Cornish



21 Cork Street
London W1S 3LZ
T: +44 (0)20 7439 7766

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