Image: Jane Edden Ornithomorph Features on Aesthetica Magazine Blog

Jane Edden Ornithomorph Features on Aesthetica Magazine Blog

"Running until 5 January   Jane Edden's  Ornithomorph is built upon the artist's fascination with the way animals are collected, classified and catalogued. She has adopted a scientific system of labelling and nomenclature. Featuring within the exhibition is  Flying Jackets,  which investigates our attitudes towards nature and the desire behind consuming natural materials. Each jacket is just the size of a humming bird    and is created from hundreds of tiny feathers to produce a series that inhabits a hybrid space between avian and human. Linking back to the human attraction to natural materials, Edden also inspects the tribal, sacred use of feathers that is internationally recognised.

Another element is  A Coat for Icarus,  a film piece featuring a morphing feathered form that appears to contain a pulsating heart, synchronized to a soundtrack of a human heartbeat. As the heartbeat increases the jacket changes between a feathered form, a samurai costume and a flapping creature. When the heartbeat returns to a steady beat, the appearance transforms into what looks like internal organs beating and morphing. Meanwhile the  Cor-vid Crow Target  watches a bird pecking  Sears and Roebuck  crow targets with astonishing accuracy. It was after rescuing an injured bird that Edden noticed the bird's interest in pecking at dots or any small unusual marks with a strange precision." Source Aesthetica Blog

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