Image: The Evening Standard review: Nadav Kander, BODIES. 6 Women, 1 Man.

The Evening Standard review: Nadav Kander, BODIES. 6 Women, 1 Man.

'Cork Street is lined with galleries exhibiting from layers of art history, but the large photograph of a glowing naked body hanging in a window is the most alluring in the street. The documentary photographer Nadav Kander, known for his 2009 award-winning project Yangtze - The Long River and lifesized portraits of Obama's Cabinet, has suddenly emerged with a surprising collection of nudes.

Inside the dark-walled gallery, seven images are presented against dark backdrops which emphasise the radiant, white smoothness of the skins of the models in their static poses. They appear coated in flour but, in fact, are painted with ground marble dust, making reference to Classical and Renaissance sculptures. Other references purposely rise throughout.

Each body is meticulously positioned, as if by a modern dance director, some lying facing away from the camera or awkwardly curled up, others concealing limbs and heads, and two standing upright. Isley standing has one arm stretched across her face, encircled with snakey tendrils of red hair like a Pre-Raphaelite or Botticelli's Venus. Michael curled away is a magnificent sculptural form with pebble-like vertebrae interrupting its smooth surface.

The beauty of these images is their unashamed normality in comparison with so many nude photographs. "It is this vulnerability that I find so beautiful," says Kander.'

Sue Steward

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