Image: Ken Currie Exhibition

Ken Currie Exhibition

"The right piece of art can bring out a variety of emotions within different people. The motion and movement of paint on a canvas can make you smile or bring you to tears depending on what the artist was intending. Emotive and thought provoking art is always worth viewing and if dark and brooding pieces are your preferred style of artwork then you simply cannot miss this new exhibition of work by the artist Ken Currie.

Now being displayed for the first time in Bradford, three of Currie's large creations titled A Gate, A Door and A Window will provide a profound insight into the enigmatic artist's mind. Inspired by traditional Spanish paintings, Currie's work will shock and move the viewer as he portrays his vision of darkness and power with these pieces which are part of a wider series of work titled Immortality. If you keep an open mind when viewing his pieces, you can try and translate the feelings behind these paintings, it should be an interesting experience. Ken Currie will also be giving a talk about his art work and the moods and emotions that inspired him to create on Saturday 2nd February."

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