Image: Cedric Christie exhibition reviewed by Hunger TV

Cedric Christie exhibition reviewed by Hunger TV

"Christie's work explores the attempts to transform one medium, painting, in to another, sculpture. This is not just an art historical attempt to explore the supposed death of painting, but an investigation into interdisciplinary transformation.

Coloured blocks are squashed between metal tubes, which form curved shapes on the wall. The wall itself is delineated with a red grid, which makes the space reminiscent of a gridded paper, onto which schematic drawings are formed. The pieces themselves occupy a liminal space between painting and sculpture.

Through their use of colour and metal, they physically appear as though they are undergoing a transformation from a colour painting to a metal sculpture or vice versa. The placement of the pieces also explores the concepts of painting and sculpture. Some pieces are wall mounted, in the traditional painterly manner, whereas others are placed on plinths or are free standing, which is conventionally how sculpture is displayed.

These pieces are deceptively simple, and they have been curated so that the works form a dialogue with one another within the space. This show provides an insight into Christie's work and processes and another aspect of the conversations between painting and sculpture."

When Painting Collapses You Have Beautiful Sculptures is at Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Rd until 29 th  June

By Jessica Bunyard

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