Image: Carrie Plew's performance dance featured on Arte Fuse

Carrie Plew's performance dance featured on Arte Fuse

"The human body is poetry in motion or cuts into space with sheer emotion as it expresses through dance. Last August 22nd, Flowers Gallery hosted a special performance inspired by their summer show "Under My Skin - Nudes in Contemporary Photography". Maverick Dance Experience moved throughout the space as performers clad in sheer skin toned garments sliced their way to evoke the tumultuous yet cathartic journey of being comfortable in one's skin. The piece was choreographed by Carrie Plew and especially configured to utilize the interior of the space. The work was created to be realized in such a site-specific venue. There was pathos, gut wrenching struggle, release, peeling layers off, pushing, impeding, imploring, and acceptance of individuality. Just as the artwork had nuanced statements on the state of the bare flesh, the dance performance undressed the barriers of how people get to the place of total acceptance of self. It is quite the raw struggle but in the end the naked truth shines in all its glory. Carrie hopes to create more site-specific dance performances and exploring the art of dance set in a gallery is one pivotal experience where action spoke as loud as the photographs on the wall."

Arte Fuse

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