Image: Planet Jiro - Tokyo Launch

Planet Jiro - Tokyo Launch

Planet Jiro is the brainchild of Jiro Osuga, an interactive website where users can discover the artist's paintings whilst navigating the cities that inspired them. We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new metropolis on, the artist's birthplace of Tokyo. Jiro Osuga casts a critical eye over every aspect of contemporary life, from manhole covers to museums, cafés and train stations. Never afraid to take on a new challenge, the artist built and designed himself, despite having no prior coding experience. Within the site, visitors are invited to explore the vibrant city of Tokyo through Jiro's eyes, navigating the streets to discover his striking and exuberant paintings based on life in the Japanese capital. On Planet Jiro we can take a taxi to the Metro, have lunch at the market or discover Japan's famous cherry blossom. 

Please click here to visit Planet Jiro

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