Image: Jane Edden exhibits in Flock: Birds on the brink

Jane Edden exhibits in Flock: Birds on the brink

Flowers Gallery is delighted to include work by Jane Edden in new exhibition FLOCK: Birds on the brink at Lotusland, an institution preserving the historic estate of Madame Ganna Walska. The show is designed to educate the public about the causes of wild bird population decline. FLOCK intends to foster understanding of the critical impact of wild bird populations on human well-being and the conservation efforts to save birds, as we celebrate the daily presence of birds in our gardens and communities. FLOCK includes mixed media visual arts in gallery and garden settings, accompanied by participatory programming to provide a provocative and visceral experience that will inspire our visitors to action. Birds are believed to be excellent indicators of biodiversity because they are sensitive to changes to their habitats including destruction, pollution and climate change. Birds are also excellent ambassadors for the messages about biodiversity because birds resonate with people, who see or hear birds daily.

Edden describes her work as being "at the intersection of science and aesthetics: a hybrid space where technological concerns meet the seductiveness of natural imagery". The exhibition is open 28 February - 23 May 2015. 


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