Image: Victoria Cantons

Victoria Cantons interviewed for In Her Genius

An energy which is also much less serious than we depict it and for which there is no right body or only body.

My encounter with the wonderful Victoria Cantons happened unexpectedly and unplanned. Walking down the street, on my way to Shoreditch, I called a friend who told me he was at a beautiful exhibition that I should visit. 3 minutes after the call I stumbled upon him exiting the gallery, he said, ”Come I have a few minutes, I need to show you something”. We entered the gallery, he guided me to a small room where a 4 minute video was playing in loops and those few minutes initiated a cascade of reflections and questions.

Sometimes art can touch us, rarely does it change us. Whether that was or not Victoria’s intention, she did change my understanding of women up to this point in my life and in doing so she changed me. Artists have a gift for challenging societies’ beliefs and expanding our view… this genius is to be celebrated, for now I realise what a threat that is to any regime. Tanya Gervasi

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