Image: Julie Cockburn
External Exhibition

Julie Cockburn featured in The Eyes Have It

Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx, NY
31 August - 13 November 2021

Opening hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 10am - 4pm

The graceful line of the eye and its colors, and its leading place in our senses has intrigued the painter and sculptor from antiquity to today’s art movements. For eons the eye performed well for humans and animals, receiving and signaling perceptions and, now, in its new host ― a machine’s screen. Each work in this exhibition explores the eye in a human, predatory, or technological context. Interlocking themes encompass ageless associations from classical mythology to today’s threat of cyber-surveillance. The artists also contrast the strength and weakness of the human eye with the power of the animal eye – the watchful, predatory owl and the peacock with a thousand “eyes” set within the sweeping train of its tail.

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Please note that proof of vaccination is required to visit Lehman College Art Gallery. Masks must be work at all times

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