Inquiry: In Search of Home Joyce Ho, Wu Sibo, Luka Yang Yuanyuan
Joyce Ho, Vera X Diary Index, 2022, single channel video (detail)
Hong Kong

Inquiry: In Search of Home
Joyce Ho, Wu Sibo, Luka Yang Yuanyuan

27 July - 9 September 2023


Preview: Thursday 27 July, 6-8pm


Presenting artworks by Joyce Ho, Wu Sibo and Luka Yuanyuan Yang

This exhibition explores the concept of "home" through imagination and inquiry. The observation into the home has been a classic creative impulse for artists throughout history and across cultures, with many variations in its meaning. Sometimes it represents the aspirations of the diaspora to establish an identity in a new land, while at other times, it reflects the artist's own family. The pandemic has given home and domestic space new dimensions, as the dilemma of physical distancing has amplified its significance. Those on the move find new temporary or permanent homes, while those who remain in the same place face the challenge of blurring boundaries between daily life and work. Home has become a place of quarantine, and quarantine has become home. This exhibition presents works by artists from diverse backgrounds, each exploring the meaning of home through the perspectives of landscape, space, and diaspora. These works highlight the complexities around the concept of home, as well as theas well as the contemporary power structures that shape our perception of it.

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