New York


17 July - 30 August 2014


Flowers is pleased to announce the group photography exhibition Interiors, featuring contemporary photographers Tina Barney, Julie Blackmon, Edmund Clark, Jacqueline Hassink, Nadav Kander, Jason Larkin, Lori Nix, Robert Polidori, Hrvoje Slovenc, Richard Tuschman, and Shen Wei.

The exhibition focuses on fabricated or authentic interior spaces and explores how they shape the photographers', the occupants', and the viewers' perceptions of the spaces, often reflecting emotional states.

An interior space can create an intimate, insular environment where one may feel safe and productive, protected from outside elements and influences. Yet such a sheltered environment can also create an uneasy feeling of being caged, isolated, or trapped internally. At first appearing to be a secure and welcoming retreat, being "inside" can soon repel or deceive, leaving terrifying memories - ones that are too frightening to remember or forget.

These photographs tell the story of the current occupants or those who have left them long behind - including prisoners, children, and royalty - offering historical and anthropological insight into those who once occupied - or were imagined to occupy - that space.


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