London, Cork Street


26 February - 5 April 2014


Boomoon (b.1955) is a South Korean photographer currently living in Seoul and Sokcho. Since the 1980's he has been engaging with the landscape in his work as a means of self-reflection, producing large format photographs of vast expanses of sea, sky and land. Devoid of human presence, the central emphasis of his work is the experience of the infinity of nature and the representation of it's presence. His work was described by Charlotte Cotton as depicting 'the unknowable and uncontrollable character of nature.'

Boomoon's debut solo-show at Flowers will comprise selected works from his series Sansu, Naksan, On the Clouds and Northscape. Sansu refers to the concept of 'sansu' (mountain-water) a central idea within the representation of nature in Far-Eastern aesthetics. Naksan is characterised by its large scale, vertical format and depicts details of crashing waves in sea-scapes. On the Clouds presents a series of sky views from a plane at high altitudes. The sky is seen from eye-level, as if the artist refused our earthbound existences. Northscape is the title Boomoon gave to his series of Arctic landscapes. Connotations with the 'North' - coldness, isolation and silence could relate to many of his landscapes, and to the sense of self-reflection that nature often arouses in us.

For further information please contact Chris Littlewood on 020 7920 7777 or email

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