Square to Circle & Back
Navajo, 2012
London, Kingsland Road

Square to Circle & Back

12 January - 9 February 2013


Square to Circle & Back presents a group exhibition of abstract prints in various media, by Flowers Gallery and affiliated artists. Featuring new prints by Carol Robertson and including work by Prunella Clough, Bernard Cohen, Terry Frost, Albert Irvin, Yumi Katayama, Michael Kidner, John McLean, Tom Phillips, Jack Smith, Richard Smith & Trevor Sutton. The title, conceived by Michael Kidner, describes the monochromatic triptych exhibited and inspired the curatorial system, a study of the Square to Circles and Back to a square.


ۢ     plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles:


ۢ    round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the centre):

[no object] (circle back) move in a wide loop back towards one's starting point.


Jack Smith Activities, 1978
£ 1,000.00
Jack Smith, Activities, 1978
£ 1,000
Bernard Cohen Place Games VI, 2011
£ 2,000.00
Bernard Cohen, Place Games VI, 2011
£ 2,000
Prunella Clough Wrapper, 1989
£ 1,500.00
Prunella Clough, Wrapper, 1989
£ 1,500
John McLean Dactyl, 2001
£ 800.00
John McLean, Dactyl, 2001
£ 800
Richard Smith Evidence IV, 2007
£ 1,200.00
Richard Smith, Evidence IV, 2007
£ 1,200

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