David Hepher Lace, concrete and glass, an elegy for the Aylesbury Estate
Winterreise 2009-10
London, Kingsland Road

David Hepher
Lace, concrete and glass, an elegy for the Aylesbury Estate

20 January - 25 February 2011


David Hepher exhibits a new series of work based around the infamous Aylesbury estate, Walworth, South East London. These large format paintings depict the immense scale of the tower blocks and include a panoramic piece made up of five large canvases which amount to ten meters in length.

The literalism of David Hepher's work conveys the very substance of the estate, blending building sand with oil paint to create a medium comparative to concrete and/or enlarged photographic images, allowing him to confront his subject directly. By incorporating the fabric of architecture into his paintings, he seeks not merely to represent the tower blocks, but to take over their very substance.

These works speak in a heterogeneous visual language, the Mondrianesque grids of the buildings are interrupted by segments of landscape torn from other urban areas; streaks of paint mark their architectural anatomies; spray paint mimicking tags of graffiti litter the canvas.

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