Paris Photo
Pivot Irrigation #1, 2013
Grand Palais

Paris Photo

14 - 17 November 2013


Paris Photo 2013 will be hosting 136 galleries this year at the Grand Palais (including 28 newly selected participants), and 28 publishers specializing in photography books. Flowers will present the latest work by 2 of our most recognised photographers Edward Burtynsky and Nadav Kander alongside a sculptural installation by Lorenzo Vitturi.

Water is the most recent instalment in Edward Burtynsky's investigation into our continually compromised environment. Weaving together the various roles that it plays in everyday life, Burtynsky has undertaken an ambitious representation of water's increasingly fragmented life cycle. Often from an aerial perspective, the photographs take on a unique abstraction and painterly quality. Water follows the format of previous projects such as Oil, China and Quarries in it's encyclopaedic exploration of a broad theme through a series of connected chapters or locations.

Following a critically acclaimed exhibition in London at the start of this year, Flowers propose Nadav Kander's most recent work BODIES, 6Women, 1 Man (2010-2012). With this series, Kander references the forms of the classical and renaissance past, whilst modernising the genre of the nude to act as a tool for philosophical investigation. The body of work develops the exploration of the human condition established by Kander in earlier work such as Yangtze - The Long River. Whether photographing the consequences of the incomprehensible development inmodern-day China, or a white painted nude suspended against the darkness of his studio, his photographs are linked by their 'compassionate ruthlessness'.

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