27 - 29 May 2022

Aida Tomescu: Folded In Three
Art Basel Hong Kong



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“There is no closure in painting. A painting reaches its natural state, and yet this state has no fixed end. By ending a painting, we mean the point at which there is a clear resolution and the unity of the work is visible.” - Aida Tomescu

Flowers Gallery is delighted to participate in Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 with a special solo presentation by celebrated artist Aida Tomescu.

One of Australia's foremost abstract painters, Aida Tomescu's painting projects a compelling presence with a powerful sense of scale and fearlessness. For Tomescu, painting is a form of thinking. Throughout her career spanning over 40 years she has been developing and enlarging the themes and content of her work. Painting here is not passive but a living world, self-forming from within.

In Tomescu's paintings, construction and structure play an integral role. She says, “The structure I’m after develops gradually, as if it is off in the distance... the painting travels to become itself, and find its identity. As I aim for a clarity of direction and for an architecture to emerge, a new organic structure begins inhabiting the work, slowly perceptible, more precarious, fragile - a structure that is not final, never static. It holds within it possibilities for renewal.”

The exhibition centres on Tomescu’s most recent high-energy triptych Folded in Three. Congeries of lines probe deep into the surface of the painting, lending depth and substance in a painting that is both intense and playful. Yet, while the work preserves a feeling of spontaneity, it is the result of repeated build up and erasure and a relentless questioning of the image. Presented alongside the triptych are three pivotal paintings from over a decade. The selection aims at emphasising the internal dialogue within each work, while drawing parallels between paintings from different time periods.

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