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This month marks the 50th anniversary of Alternative Miss Worlda spectacular event conceived by Andrew Logan that celebrates transformation, creativity and beauty, going beyond gender, age, race and sexuality through performance art, pageantry, and sculpture. Taking place at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London on 28th October 2022, this year's theme is Gold. Since its inception in 1972, the show has become a beacon of glittering light, attracting artists, performers, and misfits of all kind” - including members of Flowers Gallery’s own team.  

To mark the occasion, we are highlighting the joy and beauty of Logan’s sculpture and wearable art.

Prices shown exclude VAT, shipping and framing.

Andrew Logan Cosmic Swirl, 1992
£ 750.00
Andrew Logan, Cosmic Swirl, 1992
£ 750
Andrew Logan Ring, 1995
£ 375.00
Andrew Logan, Ring, 1995
£ 375
Andrew Logan Ring, 1996
£ 375.00
Andrew Logan, Ring, 1996
£ 375
Born in Oxford in 1945, Logan qualified in architecture in the late 1960s and has worked across the fields of...

Born in Oxford in 1945, Logan qualified in architecture in the late 1960s and has worked across the fields of sculpture, stage design, drama, opera, parades, festivals and interior design. The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture in Wales, designed by Michael Davies, holds the archive for Alternative Miss World, along with exhibitions of Logan’s works of art and installations.

"For me the joy of the jewellery is that it's like mini-sculpture, and people can have a part of my world."
Andrew Logan Fantastic Fabulous, 1990
£ 900.00
Andrew Logan, Fantastic Fabulous, 1990
£ 900
Andrew Logan Sat On, 1997
£ 675.00
Andrew Logan, Sat On, 1997
£ 675
Andrew Logan Horse The Sacred Way, 1993
£ 825.00
Andrew Logan, Horse The Sacred Way, 1993
£ 825
Installation view of 'Rejoice', Flowers Gallery, London, 2010. Photograph by Paul Tucker
"My work has an energy which you only experience when you see and touch it."
Andrew Logan It's a knockout, 2013
£ 3,000.00
Andrew Logan, It's a knockout, 2013
£ 3,000
Andrew Logan Sun, 2020
£ 4,500.00
Andrew Logan, Sun, 2020
£ 4,500
Andrew Logan Moon, 2020
£ 4,500.00
Andrew Logan, Moon, 2020
£ 4,500
Alternative Miss World, The Elements, 2009. Portraits by Paul Morgan.
Reflections Andrew Logan in Conversation with Andrew Lambirth


Andrew Logan in Conversation with Andrew Lambirth
Told in his own words, in response to questions from the writer and art critic Andrew Lambirth, this book chronicles Andrew Logan's life and work through expressive anecdote and factual recollection. Reflections...

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