Derek Boshier

Works on paper


Page Count:10
Publisher:Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Weber State University
Dimensions:21cm x 21cm
Works on paper

This catalogue was published to coincide with the artist's solo exhibition Works on Paper 1955- 2007, 4 May - 2 June 2007. 

Derek Boshier first came to prominence with his paintings as a student at the Royal College of Art in London in the early 1960s, where he studied with David Hockney, Allen Jones, R.B.Kitaj and others in the British Pop Art movement.

Subsequently he has worked in many other media: drawing, printmaking, film, books, three-dimensional object making, installations, photography, and in graphics, working with popular music groups such as The Clash and with David Bowie.

This major exhibition brought together 240 works, charting Boshier’s entire oeuvre in drawing from his Royal College days up to his present practice in Los Angeles, where he now lives and works. In his drawings Boshier manipulates academic styles and the commercial devices deployed in consumer culture with intelligence, courage and wit.