Michael Kidner

Michael Kidner by Irving Sandler


Page Count:128
ISBN:1 902945 99 6
Dimensions:27cm x 21cm
Michael Kidner by Irving Sandler

This book was published to coincide with the artist's retrospective exhibition no goals in a quicksand, 14 September - 13 October 2007, which marked the occasion of Michael Kidner's 90th birthday. This book is written by Irving Sandler with a foreword by Francis Pratt, and celebrates Kidner's enduring career and exceptional contribution to the arts.

A pioneer of Optical Art, Kidner devoted much of his career to developing work of a constructive nature. His interest in mathematics, science and the theories of chaos has determined an art that is both formal and playful. The curiosity of his mind is matched by his willingness to accept the unexpected outcome. Examples of work from all periods of his career, from the 1950s to the present, are included in this book, which features colour reproductions of paintings, works on paper, sculpture and prints.