Eduardo Paolozzi



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Flowers Central presented 'Eduardo Paolozzi: Physiognomy' February 2007. An exhibition of bronzes and collages, it explored the morphology of the human form. Paolozzi is widely regarded as the father of British Pop Art, although he aligned himself more closely with the Surrealists. Either way, he ranks among Britain's most eminent sculptors of the 20th Century, Paolozzi, best known for his monumental public sculptures, such as his Newton, outside the British Library.

The use of the 'Head', or bust, as a subject was central to Paolozzi's oeuvre, going back to his time in Paris with Giacometti and Dubuffet in the late 1940s. The collages included in the exhibition, produced during this period, display Paolozzi's first examination of the segmented image, a technique that was to prove pivotal to the British Pop Art Movement of the 1960s and to his work for the rest of his life.