Nadav Kander

Obama's People


Page Count:79
ISBN:978 1 906412 27 2
Dimensions:31cm x 25cm
Obama's People

Formal and frank, playful and stylised, Nadav Kander’s portraits of the 53 members of President Obama’s cabinet now exists as one of the most significant photographic series of the decade. 

Originally published in the New York Times magazine, this epochal body of work amplifies the quiet communication between artist and sitter, as the photographer conjures the characters of his subjects through a unique appreciation of the theatricality of detail and expression. The project captured Obama’s administration as it was being assembled, documenting and creatively capturing a political anatomy-in-progress and some of the most influential characters of our time. 

Kander asked each subject to bring an item that disclosed something about their personality. "One guy [Senator Robert Casey] brought a basketball because he played daily with Barack Obama," says Kander. "Other people brought me ties. Ken Salazar [interior secretary] brought his cowboy hat. A lot of people said, 'Look I've got two BlackBerries' - surprise." 

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