Rachel Heller

New Work


Page Count:11
ISBN:1 902945 38 7
Dimensions:21cm x 15cm
New Work

This catalogue was published to coincide with the artist's solo exhibition New Work, 10th - 20th September, 2003.

Characterised by an energetic and assured use of line and vivid palette, Heller’s inventive compositions reveal an innate and singular vision of expression. This publication brings together explorations of the figure, alongside a selection of still life and landscape works. Although Heller was born with Down’s Syndrome, she found within her art a compelling means of self-expression from an early age. 

"Rachel explores avenues often overlooked by others, never shy of making mistakes and working at them until they make sense. She is meticulous, and so are the paintings. They flow from her, at once feminine and masculine, intuitive and analytical, each and every one possessing a deep beauty and necessary mystery." Matthew Cheeseman