Edward Burtynsky

Manufactured Landscapes: The Photographs of Edward Burtynsky



Page Count:160
ISBN:0 30009 943 0
Publisher:Yale University Press
Dimensions:37cm x 27cm
Manufactured Landscapes: The Photographs of Edward Burtynsky

Over a period of 25 years, the internationally renowned Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has been an explorer of unfamiliar places where human activity has reshaped the surface of the land. His astonishing large-scale colour photographs of the landscapes of mining, quarrying, railcutting, recycling, oil refining and shipbreaking uncover a stark, almost sublime beauty in the residue of industrial "progress". The implicit social and environmental upheavals that underlie these images make them powerful emblems of our times. This catalogue of a major retrospective of Burtynsky's work features essays by Lori Pauli, Kenneth Baker and Mark Haworth-Booth, as well as a wide-ranging interview with the artist by Michael Torosian.