Tom Hammick

Lunar Voyage


Page Count:47
ISBN:978 1 527214392
Publisher:St Saviour's Press
Dimensions:30cm x 21cm x 1cm

Can one embark on a journey without ever setting foot from home? This question lingers over Tom Hammick's latest series of paintings and prints, Lunar Voyage, a metaphorical interstellar road-trip, calling on the nocturnal reveries of night walkers, armchair explorers, star-crossed lovers, composers, poets, and virtual adventurers of screen-based worlds.

First published by St Saviour's Press in 2017 on the occasion of the exhibition Lunar Voyage 24 October - 17 December, 2017 at Flowers Gallery New York. 

The catalogue includes 17 plates and texts by Hannah Hughes, Flowers Gallery; David McCracken, Peacock Print Studio; Adam Nicolson and Tom Hammick.