Lucy Jones

Looking at Self


Page Count:115
ISBN:1 90294570 0-Paperback
Publisher:Momentum Publishing
Dimensions:23cm x 28cm
Looking at Self

Self-scrutiny can make for uneasy viewing, and Jones' self-portraits are often stark and raw, but with experience comes knowledge. Lucy Jones has now been painting herself for over twenty years, and her developing sense of self can be identified in the humour that she can inject into her work. 

The artist says of her self-portraits "If there is any narrative in my work it could only be seen through [these paintings]. I look at you. You look at me. I let you look at me. You project onto me. I think about the 'gaze' and how this applies to me. I paint the props in my life with me - walkers, walking sticks and glasses, me as a woman." These paintings are not fastidious renditions looking for compassion, but strong vibrant works from an artist who is a woman and a painter "in an age when surface seems to matter more than depth".

This book features an introduction by John Kirby, essays by Sue Hubbard and Frank Whitford, and an interview between the artist and Judith Collins.