Michael Wolf

Hong Kong Informal Seating Arrangements



Page Count:79
ISBN:978 3 941825 71 0
Publisher:Peperoni Books, Berlin
Dimensions:22cm x 16cm
Hong Kong Informal Seating Arrangements

“Hong Kong’s back alleys are often unnoticed against their more glamorous counterparts of dazzling architecture. However, they present an authentic slice of Hong Kong’s grass roots culture. In my opinion they should be nominated as a heritage site.” – Michael Wolf

German photographer Michael Wolf photographs the flotsam of Hong Kong, cataloging his finds into typologies of ephemeral urban phenomena. This book features what Wolf describes as "bastard chairs", makeshift seating found in the city's alleyways. Comprised of fragments of broken chairs, they are bound with fabric, plastic and string - balanced, propped and supported by appendages of salvaged material. In a city with limited public space, these 'informal seating arrangements' crop up in tight back alleys and are often left unguarded. 

Hong Kong  Informal Seating Arrangements is part of a total of 9 volumes in which Michael Wolf examines the diverse aspects of street life in Hong Kong.