Anthony Earnshaw

Flick Knives & Forks


Page Count:64
ISBN:0 904 246019
Publisher:Zillah Bell Contemporary Art
Dimensions:21cm x 15cm
Flick Knives & Forks

An original and witty artist and writer, Earnshaw was born in Ilkley, West Yorkshire in 1924, the year Lenin died and André Breton published his first Manifesto. In the latter half of the 20th Century Earnshaw’s unique vision led to a rich and varied range of work, establishing various ‘periods’ in his creative life: paintings, drawings, boxed assemblages, an idiosyncratic comic strip, pictorial alphabets and two published collections of his aphorisms. At the age of 20, through an interest in poetry and literature, he discovered Surrealism which had a profound influence on his thinking and creative development.

This publication is Earnshaw's largest book of aphorisms, a very limited edition print run of just 500 copies.