Michael Kidner

Dreams of the World Order: Early Paintings


Page Count:68
ISBN:1 906412 53 1
Dimensions:24cm x 20cm
Dreams of the World Order: Early Paintings

This catalogue was published to coincide with the artist's solo exhibition Dreams of the World Order: Early Paintings, 12 September - 20 October 2012. 

The publication explores four areas of Michael Kidner's painting practice: After Image, Stripe, Moiré and Wave, and predominantly focuses on works from the 1960's. These are prime examples of Kidner's progressive experiments with optical effects and rational procedures, inspired by his preoccupation with how space, pattern, and form function. 

A year after his death in 2009, a roll of paintings was discovered at his Hampstead Hill Gardens studio. 

This book features essays by Mel Gooding.