Lorenzo Vitturi

Dalston Anatomy 2nd Edition



Page Count:164
Publisher:Lorenzo Vitturi
Dimensions:19cm x 20cm
Dalston Anatomy 2nd Edition

Lorenzo Vitturi's work is often found at the intersection between sculpture and photography. His project Dalston Anatomy, saw him spend time in London's Ridley Road Market taking pictures, making sculptures and creating collages with materials and objects he found amongst the debris of the marketplace.

The book is bound in exquisite Vlisco fabrics in bright patterns that are reminiscent of African markets and accompanied by a poem by Sam Berkson that layers voices from the market to draw on its disjointed and surreal atmosphere.

The second edition of Dalston Anatomy embraces the shifting nature of the market. Housing all of the same characters, sculptures and objects from the first edition, it views the market from a subtly different angle, taking a second glance. In keeping with the ever-changing nature of the market, the books will be bound in different, new fabrics.