George Blacklock

Colour and Abstraction


Page Count:194
ISBN:978 1 785000317
Publisher:The Crowood Press
Dimensions:28cm x 22cm
Colour and Abstraction

Colour and Abstraction looks at how colour was liberated from its subservient role to drawing in developing pictorial space, and how - with traditional roles broken - abstraction was born, allowing a more vibrant use of colour. As a practical book, it explores how paint can determine the colour and drawing within a painting, especially in relation to how expressive, cool, gestural, tactile or intense the work will be. This new book encourages you to understand how colour relates to abstraction, and create a method of painting that challenges and advances your own style.

This publication is written by George Blacklock, who has exhibited extensively in Europe and North America throughout his career and has been represented by Flowers gallery, London and New York, since 1996. He has work in major public collections including the Arts Council of Great Britain, and has also been the Dean of Chelsea College of Art and Design, London since 2011.