Private View: Renny Tait - Thresholds to Brighter Worlds

London Cork Street

9 January, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Private View: Renny Tait - Thresholds to Brighter Worlds

Scottish artist Renny Tait is known for his painted depictions of idealised architectural landscapes, exploring the underlying geometric order of the built environment in pursuit of pure, simple form. Tait’s reconstructed cityscapes are devoid of human life, arranged in harmonious formal groupings, and guided by principles of abstraction rather than naturalism. His arrangements have often been likened to still lifes, which Tait acknowledges in his description of his process as “moving elements of sky or background as a still life painter like Morandi might move his bottles”.

Join us for the Private View of Renny Tait's Thresholds to Brighter Worlds at Flowers Gallery, 21 Cork Street, on Tuesday 9th January from 6-8pm.

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