Press for Peter Howson film 'Prophecy'

8 February 2019

Press for Peter Howson film 'Prophecy'

Peter Howson ‘Prophecy’ trailer - by Itch Films directed by Charlie Paul

Peter Howson work Prophecy is to feature in a documentary of the same name premiering at Glasgow Film Festival 26 & 27 February. Prophecy will screen at selected art-house cinemas in June this year. 

Read more about the film in The Times and Scottish Herald. 

'The ultimate in art-house productions, the movie follows every moment in the creation of the work, from the stretching of the canvas to the last touch of paint, to create the hellish image.' The Times

“I think people might be surprised how physical painting is - I think people have an idea of artist, perhaps there is a mystique, so hopefully this will be a revelation to them.” Peter Howson in the Scottish Herald