Patrick Hughes new show at Flowers Cork St in London Festival Fringe

5 April 2013

Patrick Hughes new show at Flowers Cork St in London Festival Fringe

Flowers Gallery is delighted to announce Superspectivism - a captivating exhibition of new 'Reverspective' oil paintings by Patrick Hughes.

Nine new works, including Brillesque, The Joy of Roy, Baggage and Tea Shop, each present Hughes' characteristic reversed perspective to create the extraordinary visual illusion of a moving painting. Playful, philosophical, paradoxical and surreal these works challenge our perceptions of life, presenting reality in reverse.

Visitors will be drawn into an unHughesual world where a corner shop finds it way inside a domestic interior and a suitcase becomes supersized. You can tour the imagined galleries hung with Warhols, Lichtensteins and Hoppers and test one's sense of balance in front of towering stacks of books painted in reversed, flat and forced perspective.

"In the real world surreal things sometimes happen… Superspectivism is a super version of perspective, one which moves and changes with you as you move, which adjusts to your point of view…I hope my pictures give an experience unlike any other, in which viewers see the impossible happen. And I hope that we then think a bit about why that is. If lookers and seers experience the paradox and reciprocity of the world and themselves, they get a sense of the flow of life." Patrick Hughes 2013