Painters Boyd & Evans display 40 years of photorealism work at Flowers Gallery

13 February 2013

Painters Boyd & Evans display 40 years of photorealism work at Flowers Gallery

"From portrayals of British wilderness and vast depictions of US southern states to charged paintings of urban areas, the married couple continually create mysterious, surreal and hyper-real compositions.

Their collections have been shown at top international galleries: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Tate Gallery, London, as well as at the Art Council and British Council all have displayed their artworks.

Despite mainly being known as painters, Boyd and Evansphotography is central to their creative process; photos are used as source material, therefore capturing moments of life that could not have been documented otherwise.

The 1990s saw a shift away from spray painting techniques and UK focused pieces, instead they used brush strokes to explore interiors, families and landscapes without human presence. In fact, this departure from the subject of UK life saw them travel internationally on research trips from Borneo to the US, obtaining new photos that feed their paintings.

Additionally, technological developments allowed them manipulate photos easier. They can now drain colour from all but elements of the piece to heighten effects such as pool water, twisted cans and lone buildings - yet a constant of blurring lines between realism and illusion remains.

Boyd & Evans runs at Flowers Gallery from 14 February to 13 April. Free."