Opening: Aleah Chapin Aunties Project at Flowers Gallery, NYC

23 January 2013

Opening: Aleah Chapin Aunties Project at Flowers Gallery, NYC

"Flowers Gallery invited us to the opening reception of Aunties Project, the new series of paintings by American artist Aleah Chapin. The New York based artist presents a new collection of works that explores the connection between the people she grow up with, the flesh of the human body and subtle idealistic landscapes.

The people represented in Aleah's paintings are her mother's friends. This personal bond allows the artist to portray the mystical essence of her characters. Trough an almost scientific and detailed exploration of the flesh, her nudes reveal her feelings within an ethereal momentum. With strong corporal expression, her models speak to us trough their hands, eyes or feet in contrast with the fragile landscapes."

All text and photography by Juxtapoz' NYC correspondent, Varenka Ruiz.