Michael Wolf featured on Digital Photography Review

26 August 2013

Michael Wolf featured on Digital Photography Review

"At first glance, Michael Wolf's photos look like they could be a tapestry, or perhaps abstract art. Look closer and you'll see that they're actually cleverly composed photos of Hong Kong's ubiquitous high-rises. Wolf would head to one of the many hills in the city - or sometimes just go upstairs in an adjacent building - and set up his camera. The results are spectacular, with colorful mosaics of concrete and glass.

Wolf initially compiled the photos for his Architecture of Density project, which is now in book form. In an interview with Wired, Wolf explains 'at some point I just took a photograph and I folded away the sky and the horizon until I just had the pure architecture. By removing the context, viewers have no idea how big these building[s] actually are.'

The photos also illustrate everyday life in a Hong Kong high-rise, according to Wolf. Look closely and you'll see laundry hanging from windows hundreds of feet above the ground."


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